02 Sep

Packaging is Speeding Toward Sustainability

Plastic packaging has got to go, and many Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) have already made the transition to sustainable materials for a more eco-friendly product. Not only are companies switching to more eco-friendly materials, but a new report also shows that 56% of CPGs are transitioning to new package formats to improve recycling. 

30 Aug

Artificial Lights Threatens Firefly Population

Artificial lighting is not just a nuisance for stargazers — the harsh blue light produced by most artificial lights can have detrimental effects on surrounding ecosystems from disrupted circadian rhythms to complicating or even halting reproduction. For some species, like the firefly, the situation is even more dire as artificial lighting is one of the factors threatening their very existence. 

01 Jun

The Importance of Cultural Astronomy

The night sky is painted with countless stars and streaks of light, a display that has inspired storytellers and guided navigators since the days before our earliest history. Every civilization has looked to the night skies to craft stories from the constellations and seek guidance beyond simple directions. These historic interactions are an important part of our cultural development and growth as a species. 

05 Mar

Light Pollution is Preventing Some Clownfish from Hatching

Light pollution causes more harm than simply ruining the view during a starry night. A new study has found that clownfish can’t raise any young when exposed to artificial light. 

The study observed 10 pairs of clownfish, with each pair in their own tank. Half of the clownfish couples experienced light as they would in a natural coral reef, with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 

The other half of the clownfish were exposed to a low level of artificial light at night to mimic the light pollution from an average coastal town.