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Valuing lighting in the manufacturing process.

Do it once. Light it right.

Corporations are already taking advantage of the direct energy savings that Solid State lighting (LEDs) offers. Many are simply doing a “1 for 1” replacement without taking into consideration the enhancements that could be made to their manufacturing facility and process from the upgrade. Valuing the quality of LEDs and customizing lighting to machinery can directly improve a worker’s ability to observe a station, make repairs, and eliminate downtime to important equipment. Superior optics in LEDs allow workers to better differentiate between colors in products, cosmetic defects, and identify important micro details. When a company values the quality of lighting in manufacturing processes, an opportunity presents itself to create energy savings and reduce costly waste that drastically affects the carbon footprint of a company.

Our lighting technology makes every lumen count.™

Ahead of the industry.

Since 2013 CWES has successfully reduced the blue light content of our LEDs to less than 1% on the island of Hawaii, where the largest observatory in the world is located.

For every industry.

Particles such as dust in the air can scatter light and thus cause glare for workers, ruining visibility and posing health risks. Our lighting can reduce this glare and increase visibility—all while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Controlling blue Light for specific applications.

What is your the objective of your lighting?

What is its function in relation to your facility?
Is the lighting intended for nighttime operations?
Do you need to reduce or control blue light?
Are there security issues that need to be addressed?

What do your workers need to see?

Do they need to identify hairline fractures in materials?
Do they need to see a speck of dirt or dust?
Do they need to see a gauge or an instrument clearly?
Is the environment they are working in hazardous?

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