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Since 2011, C&W Energy Solutions has been a pioneer of the commercial LED and lighting industry. After years of experience, we can provide an unparalleled level of quality and expertise—both in business practices and technical knowledge. From garages and streetlights to commercial buildings and airports, our technology can solve any outdoor lighting problem imaginable. With an emphasis on eco-friendliness and energy efficiency, we strive to create lighting solutions that effectively illuminate your night while reducing the environmental impact and maintaining a dark sky.




Dark Sky Friendly

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Conservation Lighting

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Roadway Lighting

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Harbors & Airports

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Warehouses & Factories


Retail Lighting

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Business Complex Lighting

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Parking Lots & Garages


Custom Lighting & Retrofits

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Outdoor Lighting

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Solar Lighting

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City Lighting Projects

Stories & Studies On Lighting

Sea Turtles & Hawaii Beachers

Roadways near the shoreline and nesting areas present a hazard for the hatchlings that would not exist without man-made lights. In order to allow for a useful light for humans without disrupting nature, specialized lighting is required. 

Moths, Bats, Plants & Lights

Moths and other nighttime insects are important for the role they play in pollinating crops. The behavior of the insects at night is significantly impacted by artificial light at night. Ever seen bugs swarming around a light bulb?

Health & Behavior of Large Animals

Thanks to the US Dairy Association, 2017 declared the year of the calm cow. Modern dairies have cows inside at all times, only utilizing artificial light. There is great interest in studying lighting as it relates to both milk production and quality.

Resort Lighting

At any resort, the top priority is: “How do you enhance the resort experience?” Ambient lighting is a critical factor, as is energy savings. Environmentally friendly lighting has also become a major issue, both for the resort management (as good caretakers) and for the guests. Resorts along coastal areas must deal with night sky concerns, marine and plant life impact, and guest satisfaction.

Hawaii Harbor & Airport

Proper harbor lighting is one that will need to be friendly to marine life because it is right on the water. At the same time, OSHA requirements for safety demand high levels of illumination. Similarly, airport ramp lighting requires illumination from high vantage points, bathing large areas in artificial light. Ground personnel and pilots must be able to see their environment, without the liability of too much glare or contrasting the liability of low light levels.

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Using Foxconn technology, as well as other various sources of institutional research, we stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date scientific and technological developments. As technology continues to advance, staying progressive in the field of electronics and manufacturing is a priority. Using new technologies, we can ensure higher quality products with greater efficiency and reduced costs.

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